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Ciara Blume

Ciara is a multi award-winning author who writes humorous and magical women’s fiction. She lives in Southern California with her meet-cute worthy husband whom she actually met in a comedy improv troupe.

Their home is full of feral children and semi-domesticated cats including an odd-eyed Persian who thinks she’s an editor.

When she isn’t writing or plotting her next novel, Ciara enjoys thrifting, crafting, photography, and taking long delicious naps on cruise ships. 


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A Romantic Comedy With Claws

2023 Silver Medal Winner in the Book Buyer’s Best contest & Winner of OCRW’s Best Title and “Buy it Now” Awards

Pet boutique owner Georgia and businessman Hudson have secrets. They’re both impersonating their pets online in an anonymous chat, blissfully unaware that he’s about to shut her shop down.

Perfect for fans of “You’ve Got Mail” this enemies to lovers romcom with claws has animal attraction and all the warm fuzzies.

Book 1 of the Lit Lovers series. 



Imagine receiving a beautiful box of Italian chocolates. They look wonderful, you’re excited to try them but you’re nervous about what you may discover. The first one was so delicious, and the second and so on until you realize there isn’t a bad piece in the box and you devoured it all. This book is that box of chocolates.


The LitLovers Series

Rome for The Holidays

It’s only for the week, then they’ll go their own separate ways.

Dumped and alone for the holidays, Emily needs to escape. She’ll even interview smug self-help guru Blaze Smith, if it gets her a free trip to Italy.

Pretending to be in love is simple. Having real feelings about your make-believe romance is complicated.


Theater Lovers

Can you get a second chance at first love?

Chelsea’s backstage crush on her older brother’s best friend was an epic, embarrassing fiasco.

She’d thought that Dean Riley was the man of her dreams back then. But she was wrong.  Now she’d rather break a leg than risk handing him her heart again.


The Princess and the Paparazzi

A modern fairytale retelling of the Prince and the Pauper

What if you could take the week off from your entire life? Barista Kenna wishes she could trade her mop for a chaise lounge and hang poolside with celebs. Former child star Lorelei just wants to go shopping in sweatpants without the paparazzi in tow. 

Perfect for fans of The Princess Switch and The Parent Trap

 Playing with Matches

A modern fairytale retelling of the Prince and the Pauper

Isla and Jackson have nothing in common besides the fact they’ve both been cast as rival matchmakers on a reality-TV dating show

Nothing is as it appears in the steamy Caribbean resort paradise where the show is set.  Their carefully crafted matches are in danger of going up in smoke.

But things are definitely heating up as these opposites attract. 

The LitLovers Playlists

Coming Soon!


Book 1 of the Lit Witches Series

A murder, a mystery and a shocking family secret

Eccentric heiress Maida Westabrook is accustomed to spending hours alone in the imaginary world of books. She’s found fame in the realm of literary social media where it’s acceptable to prefer folklore and fantasy to reality. But Maida isn’t adept at making friends in real life. Libraries and plants are are more palatable than people.

Maida thinks she knows the difference between facts and fiction until the Mudpuddle Bookshop mysteriously vanishes, and she abruptly learns the preposterous truth about her family, and her own connection to the extraordinary establishment. 

Arthur, the brusque, officious, and irksomely handsome man dispatched by her father to ferry her home to Primrose Court, needs her help to solve the murder that kicked off this unfortunate series of world-shattering events. But does she really want to leave her safe, comfortable, mundane existence behind?

As Maida learns more about her legacy, and connects with the magical community of Primrose Court, she discovers the parts of herself that have always been missing. To save the bookshop, Maida will have to embrace her true identity, master her natural abilities, and join the fight against the dark forces that threaten the supernatural ecosystem. 

And in order to protect her newfound friends and family, Maida may have to risk her whole heart.



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Book A Holiday Escape

Book A Holiday Escape

I am thrilled to share the news that my second novel Rome for the Holidays just launched on and Barnes and Noble. I had so much fun writing this delicious fake dating trope RomCom. It's book two in the Lit Lovers series but since these books are all stand...

Hate You Later Available in Stores

Hate You Later Available in Stores

The big day is finally here! Book one of the Lit Lovers series Hate You Later is available on and at BarnesandNoble. I spent so much time with the characters of this funny RomCom, I feel like they are all members of my family. Even the pets! Especially...




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