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Ciara Blume


Ciara lives in Southern California with her husband, who she met in a comedy improv troupe, four funny fantastic children and a magical odd eyed cat. She enjoys reading, traveling, thrifting, crafting, and taking delicious naps on cruise ships. She’s enjoyed a diverse career as a blogger, photographer, designer, tv/film producer, marketing pro and tech founder/CEO.

But she’s also ghostwritten notes from the tooth fairy on numerous occasions, edited her friend’s dating profiles, left some pretty entertaining Yelp reviews and written hundreds of stories.  Given the choice between pouring over data and impersonating a winged creature with a molar fetish, she’d choose storytelling every time. 




A Romantic Comedy With Claws

Georgia and Hudson clash like cats and dogs.  She’s not sure whether she wants to jump on to claw his eyes out or… something else. If only IRL conversations with him were as easy as chatting with her anonymous online buddy Oliver. That cat really gets her.   

Perfect for pet lovers, fans of You’ve Got Mail and The Hating Game, this enemies to lovers romcom delivers witty banter, big snort laughs and all the warm fuzzies.

Book 1 of the Lit Lovers series. 


The LitLovers Series

Rome for The Holidays

It’s only for the week, then they’ll go their own separate ways.

Dumped and alone for the holidays, Emily needs to escape. She’ll even interview smug self-help guru Blaze Smith, if it gets her a free trip to Italy.

Pretending to be in love is simple. Having real feelings about your make-believe romance is complicated.


Theater Lovers

Can you get a second chance at first love?

Chelsea’s backstage crush on her older brother’s best friend was an epic, embarrassing fiasco that landed her in the ER. Once upon a time she thought that Dean Riley was the man of her dreams. But she was wrong. She was just a kid, and he rode over her heart on his way out of town.

She’d rather break a leg than risk her heart again.

The Princess and the Paparazzi

It’s a secret sister act when these “twins” swap lives.  

Everyone’s getting a happy ending except for beloved barista Kenna. She’s sick of third-wheeling it and being  left behind.

So when her celebrity doppelganger begs her to swap lives and put up with being pampered in a gorgeous mansion alongside America’s hottest superhero? It’s an offer she can’t refuse.  

The LitLovers Playlists


Imagine receiving a beautiful box of Italian chocolates. They look wonderful, you’re excited to try them but you’re nervous about what you may discover. The first one was so delicious, and the second and so on until you realize there isn’t a bad piece in the box and you devoured it all. This book is that box of chocolates.


Coming Soon!

Available Jun 6, 2023

Playing With Matches

A Romantic Comedy Beach Read on Fire

Destiny takes a dip in the dating pool when a popular resort sets up a reality-tv style summer camp for singles. They’ll be pitting rival matchmakers against each other in an epic battle royale for the ultimate prize: true love.

Will Artificial intelligence successfully predict which couples are truly compatible or will fate’s dates yield the best mates?

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Book A Holiday Escape

Book A Holiday Escape

I am thrilled to share the news that my second novel Rome for the Holidays just launched on and Barnes and Noble. I had so much fun writing this delicious fake dating trope RomCom. It's book two in the Lit Lovers series but since these books are all stand...

Hate You Later Available in Stores

Hate You Later Available in Stores

The big day is finally here! Book one of the Lit Lovers series Hate You Later is available on and at BarnesandNoble. I spent so much time with the characters of this funny RomCom, I feel like they are all members of my family. Even the pets! Especially...

Romancing the Multiverse

Romancing the Multiverse

Last weekend, my husband dragged me out to see Everything, Everywhere, All at Once. He thought an action oriented movie about the multiverse would be just the thing to distract me from the self-inflicted wounds I created during the most recent edit to my book. I'd...




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